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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's been a while since I posted, but today's exercise of being ill involving multiple trips to the bathroom and my subsequent impression of a sleeping zombie for most of the day means that I am hoping my body isn't reacting to:

A) four glasses of white wine
B) the fettucine alfredo, light salad and crusty bread
C) cat dander

None of which have been in my life much since the last time I felt ill. Being allergic to any of these things would truly make me a cranky boy. And since I was doing spiffy yesterday, today's one hundred eighty degree spin on feeling bleh means I was either hungover, had an allergic reaction, or both. Hangover I could deal with, it just means I was stupid. But since the reaction was so strong I'm wondering if it really was just the wine.

But none of that is in any way, shape or form the reason for today's post. Glenn Beck is someone who I'd happily push down a stairwell to save a grandmother, or authorize as a test farm animal not because of his politics, but because his political shows encourage mass hysterical stupidity in others.

Therefore, today's "Least I Could Do" strip made me smile, even though I'm still eying the chicken soup I made a few minutes ago with serious trepidation.